Sustainable Design-led Innovation (SDI) & Business Support Programme for SMEs in the East of England

Notes from Green Business Network, February 2011. Presenter Alex Rowbotham, Research Fellow in Sustainable Innovation, Centre for Competitive Creative Design at Cranfield University.


 Key stages of sustainable design:

  • Understand impacts – from a life-cycle perspective
  • Understand markets and company
  • Develop concepts
  • Employ design strategies
  • Design product
  • Bring to market

 SDI also addresses end-of-life issues such as recycling, re-manufacture, re-use, energy recovery and new concepts on how to use.

 Business Support Programme

 £20m Low Carbon Innovation Fund from ERDF/private co-investment specifically for SMEs in the East of England and €35m p.a. Eco-Innovation Funding available.

 Cranfield University are working with the East of England Development Agency, Business Link. Manufacturing Advisory Service, Cambridge University and UEA on the SDI programme. The goals are to embed sustainable innovation, support early stage innovation and promote knowledge transfer.

 Cranfield University have a range of tools and knowledge to work with SMEs to support the practice of sustainable innovation and develop greener products and services.

 Interested then contact Alex Rowbotham on 01234 750111 ext 2143.

Further information on the Low Carbon Innovation Fund can be found on or get advice from Business Link on 08457 171615.

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