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Renewable Heat Incentive launched for Commercial Property

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) launched on 28th November 2011 for commercial (non-domestic) property.

Who can apply?

An owner of an installation which generates heat providing:

  • the applicant is the owner of the installation
  • the installation is of an eligible technology type and size
    (see table)
  • installation of the plant was completed and first commissioned on or
    after 15 July 2009
  • the heat must be used for space, water or process heating
  • the heat must be used in a building
  • the installation has not received, and will not receive, a grant from
    public funds
  • the plant must be new at the time of installation
  • the heating system must use a liquid or steam to deliver heat
  • for installations of 45kWth and below, the equipment and installer
    must be certified under the MicroGeneration Certification Scheme
    (MCS) (or equivalent)

Eligible technologies and support levels

Apply at: